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The BetterWood Group Raises Over USD$10 Million in Series A Round of Financing Led by INCE Capital

The BetterWood Group, a platform for space consumption, recently announced that it has received tens of millions of US dollars in Series A financing, led by INCE Capital, and followed by Zhen Fund and its exsiting shareholders.


Focusing on the development of boutique lifestyle brands, the BetterWood Group brings greater commercial value and returns to the commercial space through a variety of lifestyle IP operation solutions. The platform not only attracts the top-notched management team and excellent talents in the industry but also integrates industry-related resources, which offers an extensive range of businesses covering the tourism and culture industries. Its core business arms, Betterwood Hotel and Betterwood Entertainment, serve to strengthen its core competitiveness and accelerate the development of its platform.


Currently, Betterwood Hotel has four brands, namely Munich-based “Lean Luxury” Ruby Hotels, Spain-headquartered international luxury brand Barcelo Hotels & Resorts, mid- and upscale Occidental Hotels by Barcelo, and Mora Hotels. Its cultural and entertainment brands include "My Futurewood", which is a football-based progeam that aims at providing quality training to children and teeangers aged 4-13.


JP Gan, founding partner of INCE Capital, explained that, “We are optimistic about the recovery and the future development of the tourism industry in the post-pandemic era where consumer demand in travel and hotels is expected to enjoy constant growth, which requires more polished and personalized products and services. Nanyan Zheng is a very senior industry leader in this field, but he still maintains the curiosity of constant exploration in the hotel business. Such entrepreneurial spirit of continuous innovation impresses us a lot, so we look forward to and have full confidence in seeing him bringing more surprises to the world while he, a passionate entreprenure, is ready to embark on his new journey."


Nanyan Zheng, Chairman of the Betterwood Group, said that, “Many hotel groups in the market expand the number of hotels to thousands by relying on their core brands. This model can be called as 10 (brands) x 500 (number of hotels). As we see the trend of niche market growing, Betterwood can also end up having 5,000 hotels through the model 50 (brands) x 100 (number of hotels). However, we have completely differernt understanding on consumers. Our ultimate goal is to be a lifestyle brand that can create more business values and offer various operation solutions. The market right now tends to provide more and more homogeneous products, but as the consumers in the market are getting younger and youger and the consumer demands keep changing, the same brand opeing up thousands of hotels as chain will not be the only way out. There is more than one lifetyle, and every individual is different. Betterwood adheres to the concept of ‘Live Different, Live Better’, and strives to build a brand that satisfies the market with younger consumers." Ocean Link, the founding investor of Betterwood, will also leverage the power of capital to integrate more small boutique hotel brands into the platform of the Betterwood Group.


Nanyan Zheng, Founder/Chairman of BetterWood

" Live Different, Live Better"


Munich-based “Lean Luxury” Ruby Hotels


Spain-headquartered international luxury brand Barcelo Hotels & Resorts


Mid- and upscale Occidental Hotels by Barcelo


"My Futurewood", a progeam promoting “Happy Football” that aims at providing quality training to children and teeangers aged 4-13.