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JP Gan Shared Views on the STAR Board

JP Gan, Founding Partner of INCE Capital, shared views on the STAR board, China’s version of Nasdaq, with South China Morning Post (SCMP) and The Wall Street Journal (WSJ).


JP was quoted in the article “SMIC Shares Soar in Shanghai, in a Successful Debut that May Give More Chinese Stocks Confidence to Leave US Market” by SCMP


JP Gan, a founding partner of Ince Capital, said the Star Market offers a venue for promising Chinese firms to raise capital and expand their businesses.


Some companies traded on the market will derail from the track,” he said. “But when innovation and risk taking are encouraged, a large number of failures should be tolerated as long as a few great companies can emerge.”


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WSJ quoted JP’s views in the article “IPO Frenzy Grips China’s Nasdaq-Style STAR Market”:


“A lot of early-stage companies going public on the STAR board are raising funds easily, as investors chase them with great passion,” said J.P. Gan, founding partner of INCE Capital, a venture-capital firm based in Shanghai. Money has flowed into sectors that Beijing wants to support such as semiconductors and advanced manufacturing, he said, and while some of the stocks could prove to be worthless, others could be big hits.


“When Nasdaq was born, not many people could imagine the boom of Microsoft or Apple,” he said.


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