(By last name in alphabetical order)

Rui Chen
Chairman & CEO, Bilibili
Both JP and Steven are early investors of Bilibili. Now they have co-founded INCE Capital, complementing each other in every aspect of investment, operation, finance and product - a perfect dual.
William Huang
Founder, Chairman & CEO, Global Data Solutions Limited
As a long-time friend, I often ask JP for advice on our company’s development from the perspective of an investor, even when we are having dinner or drinks.
Steven Neil Kaplan
Neubauer Family Distinguished Service Professor of Entrepreneurship and Finance, University of Chicago Booth School of Business
JP is a terrifically successful Chicago Booth alum. I am delighted to see that he has put theory to work in the field of venture capital by making investments in some of the most impressive and innovative companies in China.
James Liang
Co-founder & Chairman of the Board, Group Limited
JP invested in as early as 2000, and has been a close friend to and me for 20 years. I wish him great success at INCE Capital.
Jane Sun
CEO, Group Limited
JP has been a value-added director of the Board of Directors of for many years and has witnessed our growth and success.
Gaofei Wang
CEO, Sina Weibo
Steven is both an investor and an entrepreneur. His rich experience in both investment and company management will undoubtedly drive massive success in his venture capital career.
Xiaochuan Wang
Former CEO, Sogou
I have known Steven for a long time. He is the earliest practitioners in China’s Internet business. He has deep understanding of and insights into the industry, and sufficient experience in company management. These backgrounds can be a strong boost to his portfolio companies.
Louis Yang
Founder, (now known as TikTok)
JP and Stella are not only an early investor but also great friends through the years. I am excited to witness INCE’s growth and look forward to them inspiring more unicorns!
Shuhong Ye
Co-founder, Dianping
JP is both an investor and a good friend of Dianping. He supported us with strategic thinking and resources and accompanied our growth.
Tao Zhang
JP is an early investor in Dianping and also a good friend of mine. He accompanied us in several key stages of growth and development. I appreciate his trust, inspiration and support.