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Mindsemi Closed its B+ Financing with Further Investment from INCE

Wuhan Mindsemi Co., Ltd. just closed its B+ round of funding at hundreds of millions of yuan. As the lead investor of the company’s Series B funding, INCE Capital continued to invest in this round of financing.

The lead investor of this round is GL Ventures, followed by China Fortune-Tech Capital, Oriza Hua, INCE Capital, Wofo Capital, and Polaris Capital. Since this year, Mindsemi has completed two rounds of financing at 400 million yuan in total.

Established in Optics Valley of China at the end of 2017, Mindsemi is a high-tech enterprise specializing in laser and detector chip products for optical communication, industrial laser, sensor and consumer fields, integrating R&D, manufacturing, and sales. As China’s first independent supplier of a full range of optical chip products for optical communication, Mindsemi focuses on 2.5G/10G/25G/50G laser and detector chips and packages. Aiming to “produce high-quality Chinese optical chips for the world”, Mindsemi provides a full range of premium optical chip products and technical services for optical device and module manufacturers around the world.

“Given strategic and cost considerations, producing China’s own optical chips has become an irresistible trend. We truly appreciate the recognition and support from investors to Mindsemi which is on a fast track to full development. Funds raised through this round will be mainly used to promote product development, expand production lines, accelerate the layout of 5G fronthaul and data center market, and enable new infrastructure,” noted Zhang Hua, President of Mindsemi.

“Mindsemi, as an R&D company, has realized leapfrog development in just three years with its strong technical strength. We expect it will grow into a company boasting the most advanced technology for optical chip R&D and production, and make larger breakthroughs in middle and high-end chip markets. INCE will continue to track great technologies which can be applied to commercial scenarios to help drive new infrastructure in the era of 5G,” said JP Gan, Founding Partner of INCE Capital.