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Alex Yan Ranks in 2020 Forbes China 30 Under 30 List

On November 9, 2020 Forbes China 30 Under 30 list was released. Alex Yan, Principal of INCE Capital was selected in the list of Finance & Venture Capital category due to his investment performance and development potential in the venture capital field.


Forbes China 30 Under 30 List has won excellent reputation and aims to seek outstanding and active young people in all industries in China. It features a group of young people under the age of 30 who have risen in the industry or shown the potential of being talented persons in the industry and society in the future. Such young elites include entrepreneurs, investors, managers, and talents in the show business, sports, science and technology, and culture industry. 


Young and promising Alex is the current Principal and one of the founder team of INCE Capital. He is responsible for venture capital in the field of Internet, consumption, and intelligent technology. Alex specializes in investing in online entertainment for young people (such as community, social network, e-sport, and webcast), pet consumption, technology consumer goods, new retails (such as Internet consumption, social network group-buying, and offline retail), and domestic brands and channels. He has invested in Zuiyou, Petkit, ShihuiTuan, Black Unique Group, and Huike Group.


New Star in INCE Capital: Independent Judgment, Focus on Logic, Prudent in Hot Topics, and Labeling Nothing


Alex was the winner of the National Olympiad in Informatics in the middle school and later was recommended to be enrolled in Peking University majoring in management science and economics. Solid accumulation of mathematical and physical basics, excellent logical thinking, and a wealth of knowledge in economy and business make it easy for him to do investment job.


Alex describes his thinking style as “independent judgment, focus on logic, prudent in hot topics, and labeling nothing”.


This is also his investment style.


He is good at examining startups with the logical mind of a product manager. He is also an early user of many emerging Internet products, which helps him notice and invest in the application Zuiyou in 2016 when the domestic content communities are emerging. The application now is one of the most active mobile content communities among Generation Y and Generation Z.


Based on the independent thinking of family structure change (namely the rapidly increasing urban residents who live alone) in urban areas, Alex made an appropriate judgment on the development trend of pet market in 2018 and invested in Petkit, a startup that had the highest contacting frequency with users at that time. The Petkit is now becoming the most influential one-stop product and service platform in the pet industry and can be considered as the future PetSmart+Chewy in China.


In the past eight-year work experience in venture capital, Alex met numerous hot channels and spotlights of investment pursued and created by capitals. But he has kept the investment concept of independent judgment and avoided channels that do not have output but burn cash, bringing more efficient equity allocation for fund firms and LP.

INCE Family: Investors and Entrepreneurs both in the List


Black Unique is the first investment project of INCE Capital in 2020 and Alex is deeply involved this project. Zhong Jingyi, co-founder of Black Unique Group, was also selected in the Forbes China 30 Under 30 List of the Retail & E-Commerce category.


Alex and Zhong Jingyi work together in the investment process, and recognize and encourage each other.


Alex commented, “Jingyi is an innovative self-determined entrepreneur with passion for entrepreneurship. As the marketing head of Black Unique and general manager of the media institution MCN of Black Unique, she is an exceptional expert in content creation and release in the Internet industry.”


Jingyi said, “Alex is the first-round investor of Black Unique and has a thorough understanding of consumption and TMT field. In the transaction, he has provided suggestions on the company’s development and always stands and grows with us. I’m glad to be selected in the list with Alex together and I hope we can make progress in the future.”


JP Gan, founding partner of INCE Capital has been selected as the star investor in the Midas List of Forbes for five consecutive years. Led by him and his partner team, INCE Capital focuses on building a team of invincible and capable talents. Now the new forces in the team are enhanced since Alex ranks in the Forbes China 30 Under 30 List. The entrepreneur invested by INCE Capital is also selected in the list, which better proves the expertise of INCE Capital in investment.