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Founder of INCE portfolio company named to 36 Kr's Under36 list for 2024

36Kr recently launched the 2024 Under36 list, in which Henry Pan, founder and CEO of WEFLY, a firm invested by INCE, was included in the list of entrepreneurs.


It is reported that this U36 list covers a wide range, broken down into 36 scientists, 36 entrepreneurs, 36 investors and 20 creators. More than 1/3 of the innovation fields that all U36 entrepreneurs and scientists focus on are in the pan-AI field (including big models, AI applications, algorithms, etc.), followed by embodied intelligence, consumer and electronics, medical and healthcare, new energy, and new materials.


WEFLY was founded by a group of aviation professionals with senior industry experience, with the mission of developing China's new energy aviation. Leveraging on decades of experience and core technologies in the traditional civil manned aviation industry at home and abroad, as well as China's strong technological advantages and industrial base in the field of new energy triple electrics (motors, controls and batteries), WEFLY plans to revolutionize human lifestyles by establishing China's own global Urban Air Mobility (UAM) company. WEFLY plans to design, mass produce and operate a fleet of electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft (eVTOL) to serve the future urban air transportation market.


WEFLY was founded in Suzhou in May 2022 with a team from global industry leaders such as Gulfstream, Bombardier and Boeing etc., with advanced experience in the design, manufacture, test flight, airworthiness and operation of large-scale, manned civil airliners. WEFLY's vision is to create a new aerial mobility platform within and between cities, adding a new dimension to the way everyone travels every day and fundamentally changing people's lives. INCE Capital co-lead WEFLY’s angel round financing.