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INCE Capital wins three 2022 ChinaVenture Awards

As a comprehensive review of the private equity industry’s performance in the previous year, on May 19, CV Info released its latest ChinaVenture Awards, in three of which INCE Capital was listed with its outstanding investment performance. Including:


【Top 100 Best Venture Capital Institutions in China】



【Top 30 Best Foreign Venture Capital Institutions in China】




【Top 20 Best Investment Institutions in Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Industry in China】



For 17 straight years, CV Info, as an independent third party, has been publishing the ChinaVenture Awards for Chinese venture capital institutions and private equity investments. The rankings are determined by overall scores based on investment data of CVSource processed by CV Research Institute through a standardized approach and cover over a thousand active private equity investment institutions in the field. Known as professional, authoritative, and rigorous rankings with strict standards, they are considered a benchmark in the domestic equity investment industry and an important reference for many large institutional limited partners when making investment decisions.